About Tamar

The Barbash FamilyRight about now you might be wondering who is Tamar Barbash and how can she help me? Here’s a little bit of info about who I am and how I got here.

I received my Masters in Social Work from Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work. I spent the first part of my career working in different fields, trying to find a field that I was really passionate about. I enjoyed many of the jobs I had along the way, but, it wasn’t until I had my son that I really found my clinical niche.

When Matthew was born, I was amazed at how intense the experience was. No matter how prepared I thought I was, nothing armed me for the roller coaster of emotions that hit me when we brought our son home from the hospital. To deal with some of the new feelings I began blogging about what I was experiencing. I laid out my frustrations and my fears and threw in some professional perspective on how I thought I could deal with all of it. To my surprise, I began hearing from friends and family and friends of friends and family who all shared similar experiences and wished there had been someone to talk to when they had first become mothers.

I started to receive emails and phone calls from pregnant friends and acquaintances, all looking for a little guidance and support as they embarked on this exciting and nerve-wracking journey. I realized then what a strong need there is for support and decided to launch a practice where I could be available to new and expecting mothers.


“In the month leading up to my delivery, Tamar prepared me for the unexpected truths about the post-partum period. She made me feel ready for the post-partum challenges that my pregnancy books, childbirth classes, and mom friends had neglected to share. I credit much of my speedy recovery mentally and emotionally to Tamar. I’d recommend Tamar’s candid guidance and expertise to all new or expecting moms in the Philly area!”
Copley R.